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Mobile Notary Services

There is one thing to be said about notarization, the need can arise at anytime and anywhere. Sometimes you can plan for it, and at other times you cannot. However, in both the scenarios, you will benefit immensely by hiring mobile notary services. And, here is why:

Reaching you - The most amazing thing about a mobile notary is they will travel to your location to offer you services. To them it does not matter if you are sitting in the city hall, a posh office or a farmhouse on the city’s outskirts. They will travel to your location to offer you the notarization services and help you complete tasks. If a signee is hospitalized or unable to move out of home, mobile notary can reach the hospital to complete the process.

Flexibility- Most mobile notaries have flexible timings, this means, if you need services in the middle of the night, you can depend on a mobile notary service provider. In fact, there are mobile notary services in California who run their services all 24-hours a day. You can call them on an Xmas day at midnight, and a signing agent will be ready to come. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and share the exact address.

Ease the process - If multiple people need to sign a loan document, it is easier to call a mobile notary to their office to help complete the tasks. The signing agent can look at all the identifications and stamp the signs with seals there and then. In fact, they can even come to a jail, check identification and get a marriage annulled.

Reliability - Like any other profession, there may be fraudulent elements in this industry as well. But, if you work with a reliable service provider and ensure they are certified, you will get reliable services always. A notarized document is legally-binding and mobile notary services will offer professional and precise services to build their reputation. Remember to check their identification when they come to your location.

All services under one roof - A good mobile notary service will the notarization of different kinds of documents under one roof. Whether you are looking to get a deed or a power of attorney signed, you can get a mobile notary to stamp all the documents. Some service providers will also offer apostle, fingerprinting and other ancillary services.

Meet personal and business needs - A well-versed mobile notary can meet the signing requirement for both personal and business needs. From signing of business contacts to authenticating a marriage, a mobile notary is important. One thing to be remembered is, a mobile notary is not authorized to give legal advice.

Ensure privacy - If you need some papers signed in secret, then you can depend on a mobile notary to keep your information and the kind of services provided a secret. Sine they will come to your location, multiple people will not see you entering an office to get a document notarized. They are bound by their oaths to offer the best service and ensure privacy.